Advanced Technology


GentleWave System

The GentleWave System is an innovative, modern and minimally invasive1-4 root canal technology that elevates the cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.

It employs advanced technology in delivery of multi-sonic energy, advanced fluid dynamics, and enhanced chemistry1. This results in generation of acoustic waves that penetrate the entire tooth anatomy, allowing the system to clean and disinfect even the smallest and most complex root canal anatomies.

The powerful vortex of solutions generated are able to effectively remove bacteria, biofilm and other debris from the root canal system, thus allowing for a more thorough cleaning of the entire root canal system. 

In addition to its efficacy in disinfecting the root canal space, the Gentlewave system also allows for minimal instrumentation1, 2 thus preserving more of the natural tooth structure and minimizing risk of tooth/root fracture2.

Here at Elite Root Canal Specialties, we are excited to elevate Root Canal treatment with the addition of the GentleWave® System in our practice.

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global microscope a series

Surgical Microscope

A surgical microscope magnifies the size of the tooth significantly so that canal anomalies, additional canals, cracks and other factors that may complicate treatment can be easily identified. The microcscope thereby enhances the ability of the endodontist to perform a thorough evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

high resolution computed tomography

High Resolution Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Cone Beam technology provides a three dimensional view of the patient’s mouth and jaw. With the advent of the CBCT, the doctor is able to obtain a full 360 degree view of the tooth, its surrounding tissues, nerves, and bones. A localized small field CBCT limits radiation while allowing focused three-dimensional assessment of odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions, canal morphology, and anatomy prior to treatment. This cutting edge technology provides images in a high resolution, enhancing the endodontist’s ability to perform a more thorough evaluation, provide a more accurate diagnosis, and ultimately provide high quality treatment to the patient.

Digital radiograph

Digital Radiographs

Radiographs are a key part of the endodontic treatment and will need to be obtained during the procedure. Digital radiographs cause less discomfort intraorally and produce about 90% less exposure to radiation than conventional radiographs. Digital images are also easily stored on a computer and can very easily be transferred to you, your referring dentist, or other healthcare provider electronically.

Apex locator

Apex Locator

The Apex locator is a device that precisely measures the length of the canal space. It also provides additional information such as detection of perforations and apical foramens that may deviate from the radiographic apex of the tooth. The Apex locator reduces the number of radiographs required during treatment and produces more accurate data than the radiograph alone.

asi carts

ASI Carts

The Advanced Endodontic System Integration cart incorporates multiple endodontic instruments in one unit, simplifying access to instruments and improving efficiency in treatment. The configuration of the ASI Cart minimizes clutter, creating a more spacious and thus safer treatment space for the patient. The cart is also integrated with a computer system and monitor so that patient’s treatment records including radiographs are easily accessible in the treatment room, improving ease and quality of patient-doctor discussions in the treatment room.